Songs for Painting

blossom tree


1.belle and sebastian-lazy line painter jane

2.joni mitchell-a case of you

3.teenage fanclub-every picture i paint

4.billy bragg-must i paint you a picture? house painters-grace cathedral park

6.andy summers and robert fripp-painting and dance

7.ultimate painting-central park blues

8.peter bjorn and john-blue period picasso

9.david j newton-don’t leave me in the dark

1o.daniel johnston-the story of an artist


30 days..June

Open studio collage(First row: My bear hug cushion and print; ink tree drawing; my pop up shop at Hat Therapy

Second Row: Paintings now available at the lovely Heart Gallery; Le Tour bunting

Third Row: ink bird drawings; hanging hearts, trees in three colours)

June was a busy month; I moved house, painted a lot,  and finally and joyfully passed my driving test! I created a pop up shop for Hebden Bridge Open studios in the beautiful Hat Therapy. It was on last weekend and is again tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday, 11-5pm. There are loads of artists in Hebden, opening their studios and their homes, so please come along if you can. Oh and there is also the huge event that is the Grand Depart! So exciting.

Commission; African themed painting

I paint, print and draw a lot, but time passes and much more often than not I have not shared anything on here. I am hoping to address this with some new posts of my ‘secret’ commissions.

First up is a lovely commission I did for a couple called Matthew and Joanna. They contacted me when they had spotted my painting; ‘Enjoying the Warmth’ on my website.

enjoying the warmth(1)

They wanted a painting similar to this but to include background images that had resonance for them. They had spent a lot of time in Africa and wanted this to be the theme of the painting. They asked me to include baobab trees (amazing and strange shaped trees) that would remind them of their marriage ceremony; as they exchanged vows under a tree. They slept under the stars, so I drew those. They spent six months living on a sailing boat so I included a dhow boat as a symbol of that.

joanna commission

The sketchy images in the background included all of these things, (although not shown so well on my image) and it was a great commission for me to do.