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Evening Pike blog

This is a view of Stoodley Pike from Heptonstall. I took a photograph of it one summer evening last year. I loved the view so much I painted it. The original is sold but I have a giclée print of it available at Open Studios. The colours are lovely and rich (I had it printed locally at Knights Graphics) and I am really pleased with how close it is to the original.

I hope you can come and visit the Open Studios this weekend. I look forward to meeting you!


place to paint

A few weeks ago on the sunniest day I went for a walk in the hills where I live.Every Friday I walk my friends dog and it gives me the perfect excuse to get outside (I am inside so much printing or painting).

I took lots of photographs as it was so beautiful. There was a slight breeze and warm sunshine. I knew this little walk would provide an inspiration for new paintings and it did;

painting collage

I don’t really know why my colours turn out like this but anyway this is my slice of a lovely day.

This painting and  more will be at my exhibition ‘Under the same sky’ at Heart Gallery. It will include lots of landscapes of Hebden Bridge and places close to my heart. The exhibition starts on the 8th of September, I hope to see you there.

Under the same sky

stoodley pike blog

I am beginning a new set of paintings for an exhibition titled “Under the same sky”. It will take place at Heart Gallery in March seems a long way off I know, but time literally flies when I am doing large pieces!

I will be painting my hometown of Hebden Bridge. Here is the thinking behind the title and collection of artworks …

I have lived in this valley for a few years. I have watched seasons change back and forth and felt lucky to live in such a beautiful town.
The paintings in this exhibition are about places close to my heart. The walks to Gibson Mill and Stoodley Pike. The times I have stood catching my breath half-way to Heptonstall and looked across the hills. How the changing skies show a new side to the valley’s character.
I grew up in Yorkshire and had adventures studying in Edinburgh, Dublin and Brighton before returning home. The landscape welcoming me back and the pale grey skies comforting me.
I think wherever you go you carry a bit of your home with you. Wherever you are you are always under the same sky. The same ever changing yet faithful sky.

I will be posting images of my paintings as I do them on here. I hope you can join me in the journey!

stoodley detail

Painting detail.