New Greetings Cards

I have been busy drawing and printing new card designs. The jade green colour on some of the birds is metallic and printed so well! I generally mix my own colours so it was an absolute treat to buy some pre-mixed! I spent a stupidly long time choosing them in the  Fred Aldous art shop, whilst trying to avert my eyes from all the other lovely things.

They are in my shop now and I am hoping they bring some summery colour your way.

smelling the flowers card blog

Smelling the Flowers

hummingbird and flowers card blog

Hummingbird and Flowers

hummingbird and flight card blog

Hummingbird and Flight

spread your wings card blog

Spread your Wings


Children’s Craft Parties; Fairies, flowers and rainbows

A few weeks ago I held a fairy party for lovely little girl called Slyvie. The theme was fairies, flowers and rainbows.


I made lots of fairies to decorate.


And fairy wands..

fairy party


There was lots of tissue paper and feathers to make the fairies look pretty.




Wishes were made and flowers and rainbows were collaged.

fairy 8

It was a lovely afternoon.


And the rainbow cake, ahem, very nice.

If you are interested in a craft party do contact me. It is £12 per child and any theme you like!