A few weekends ago it was Open Studios in Hebden Bridge. This happens every year and is a chance to see what all the artists have been making behind closed studio doors.

It is the second year I have been in my studio and I still thank my lucky stars that I have such a lovely, bright space.

blog open studio

Lots of new screen prints.

blog open studio 2

Handprinted cards.

I share my studio with  Sarah Mason Photography and  Hannah Nunn. Sarah takes the most magical photographs and Hannah makes beautiful lamps like this;

blog open studio hannah2

and wall paper and fabric;

blog open studio hannah

It was a really nice weekend and I was grateful for all the visitors that battled through the intermittent showers. I gained great responses for my new landscape paintings; these are the start of a collection for an exhibition at  Heart Gallery.It will be called “Under the Same Sky” and opens on 8th September.I am very excited.

blog open studio emerging light

This one found a new home!

blog open studios 7

These will be included in the Under the Same Sky exhibition.

blog open studio 6

Lastly ….who ate all the jelly babies? Ahem.

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