So a while ago I started a project called ‘all the cats I have known’ with the idea to develop illustrations around this title. I thought it would be nice to have little stories about the cats that have been in my family.

However I really struggled with how to draw them, my previous attempts here were hit and miss, Odie (my old cat) fairly good, Billy (my current cat) not so good! Also the idea was to use these illustrations for products and cards therefore I felt they needed to be a bit friendlier.Here are my new drawings, a little bit stylised but I think nearer to my aims..

billy blog


wolfy blog


I hope you like them.


2 thoughts on “All the cats I have known..progress

  1. You know that I adore your artwork. Your birds and nature prints and paintings bring out my love of Keats (how that happens is not easy to explain). Now, cats. I have two cats; suffice it to say, they sleep with me. Added up: I LOVE your art work and I LOVE your cats!

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