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I am beginning a new set of paintings for an exhibition titled “Under the same sky”. It will take place at Heart Gallery in March seems a long way off I know, but time literally flies when I am doing large pieces!

I will be painting my hometown of Hebden Bridge. Here is the thinking behind the title and collection of artworks …

I have lived in this valley for a few years. I have watched seasons change back and forth and felt lucky to live in such a beautiful town.
The paintings in this exhibition are about places close to my heart. The walks to Gibson Mill and Stoodley Pike. The times I have stood catching my breath half-way to Heptonstall and looked across the hills. How the changing skies show a new side to the valley’s character.
I grew up in Yorkshire and had adventures studying in Edinburgh, Dublin and Brighton before returning home. The landscape welcoming me back and the pale grey skies comforting me.
I think wherever you go you carry a bit of your home with you. Wherever you are you are always under the same sky. The same ever changing yet faithful sky.

I will be posting images of my paintings as I do them on here. I hope you can join me in the journey!

stoodley detail

Painting detail.

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