Last week I taught a mark-making workshop.We started off with very quick drawings of a still life set up. Drawing for 5 minutes, 3 and 1!


We drew with sticks, drew as though we were shading around an object and with white chalk on black paper.

I then introduced words to think of whilst drawing, the first was bold…So big brush strokes and large drawings were apt. I think using words can help encourage different and braver ways of mark making,when a word is the main focus the drawing can flow automatically.

mark make1

mark make blog3

The next word was frightened.

mark make frightI did gestural marks in charcoal and moved the charcoal around the page a lot.

mark make blog2

This was done by a student using a mix of sponging with different strengths of ink and also using a brush.

mark make4

This was drawn with a sponged paint brush, drawing with a stick and thin ink washes over the top. A lovely development of different marks.

I hope to hold more mark making workshops and I will have a new beginners drawing class starting in September, so lots more drawing to be done!

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