The sun was shining today and I had a lovely walk to Gibson Mill, it takes about two hours from Hebden Bridge town centre.Or you can drive to the Midgehole Road carpark and the mill is just a mile away. Anyway I braved the steep steps and got lovely views as a  reward! gib2Stepping stones and lots of green! gib3 I had been wanting to photograph the mill to get inspiration for some new paintings. I have painted and drawn it a few times before and keep returning to it. gibson mill in pencil gibson mill painting gib5 I walked back through the woods and the bluebells were still out, what a treat! What has been inspiring you lately?

2 thoughts on “A walk to Gibson Mill

  1. Most recently, Virginia Woolf has been inspiring me. Milton, and Dante, too. And of course, Keats. And the little sparrows with whom I frequently share my daily lunch on the city’s public square. I’m trying to read as much classic literature and poetry as possible in the remaining years of this lifetime. So many books over the recent years has made my head spin as if in a dream. And to be honest, your art work is like a dream world to me that’s complementing my psyche. So, your art work inspires me, too. So, thanks!

    “Surely I dream’d to-day, or did I see the wingèd Psyche with awaken’d eyes?” – Keats

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