I have completed a new series of bird paintings and prints for the Bowery Gallery, Leeds.

bowery birds

These are small canvasses; 15 x 15 cm, retail £85.

The screen prints I made where really inspired by tree shapes as well as birds.

screenprint tree

‘Roots and shoots’ £25 framed

This theme has been sparked by projects I have been teaching.

This print is called ‘Roots and Shoots’ which was the subject for a workshop I did at Ashbrow Infant and Junior School, Huddersfield. This title suggested by the inspiring head teacher set me on a path of circles and roots in my personal work!

gathering screen print birds

‘Gathering’ £25 framed

nesting screenprint birds

‘Nesting’ £25 framed

blue bird screen print


Blue bird £25 framed

I also did a few prints based on love and kind words, we all need to read kind words sometimes, right?

bear screen print

‘The stars will always shine for you’ £28 framed

screenprint bird

‘Love’ £28 framed

2 love birds screen print

‘Love birds’ £28 framed

screenprint purple birds

‘The birds will always sing for you’ £28 framed

I have always worried about my screen prints being very different from my paintings and feel by tying together themes, colours and shapes I am getting closer to the coherent style I dream about!

copyright Julia Ogden

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