In March I taught a painting and drawing workshop in central Hebden Bridge.It was a lovely sunny day and the large windows in the studio let the light in. The aim of the day was to create a picture of a tree in pencil or charcoal with painted acrylic birds in it; learning new drawing and painting techniques.

hebden workshop2hebden workso_1hebden workshop 1

The workshop began with making observational drawings of trees (looking out of those windows!) in charcoal. The drawings were timed and we explored a variety of approaches, such as; using the side of the charcoal; just using the charcoal dust; not looking at the paper and using continuous line. We then did some quick charcoal drawings of birds.

I did a painting demonstration and everyone experimented with acrylic paints.

Lunch was homemade sandwiches, tea, brownies and flapjacks

hebden workshop 3hebden workshop6hebden workshop 5hebden workshop 4

The results were really beautiful!

Please contact me if you would like to be put on my mailing list for future workshops.

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